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Benefits of Humor

Emotional Stability Humor is beneficial. So what exactly is humor and why is it beneficial? Humor for me is anything that makes me laugh or anything that amuses me. Humor comes at times when it is unexpected, and in fact, this is the time where things are most humerous. Here are some of the benefits of humor:
There are several videos as examples of humor on this page. Some may be funny to you, others not so funny. The important thing to realize is that these videos are all funny to different kinds of people. Understand what makes someone laugh and you will have gained knowledge that is very useful when trying to get assistance or relieve stress in situations. The benefits of humor are different, depending on who you are.

I had a bouncy bear video here, but YouTube keeps removing it...

Benefits of Humor: Humor Can Bring You Out of Slumps

Throughout our lives, even the most seasoned zen masters have moments where things just aren't going as well as they usually are. Perhaps you are driving to work and your leg cramps up. Maybe you are visiting the dentist and the dentist is picking at your teeth, and their hand slips and your gums get stabbed - ouch! Maybe you are asleep and your dog gets restless during the night and finds the need to jump on your groin. Owie. Yet at the same time, things like this are funny and humerous. When things like this happen, take the time to look back and reflect and find it in you to laugh at yourself. When you find things aren't going well, reflect and find the humor in things.

I had a video here with the funny parts of Star Trek Generations, but YouTube kept removing it...

Benefits of Humor: Humor Comes in Many Forms

Everyone lives in there own different area, comes from a different background, and haa a different degree of intelligence and education. Therefore, certain things that are funny or humerous to one person may not be funny to another person. A person who is interested in sports may find it funny when certain things happen in a basketball game, such as Shqauille O'Neal shooting a free throw or seeing Charles Barkley fight Bill Laimbeer. It is important to understand all of the forms of humor.

Some people follow wrestling and know who the wrestlers of the WWE are and are able to find relative humor to that environment. The main thing is to understand those around you and their backgrounds. Knowing this will help you use relative humor to what will make them laugh.

I had a funny video here with "The Rock" Dwayne Johnson and some other wrestlers, but YouTube kept removing it...

Benefits of Humor: How do I Know When to be Funny?

Good question, knowing when to use humor is something that takes a lifetime to even attempt to master. However, here are some situations where the benefits of humor come into play: No doubt, we could all use a little humor in our lives. For me, I like Bobby Knight, a basketball coach, and ESPN analyst. Though he is a bit vulgor and a little too angry at times, he also has an amusing sense of humor. Watch this video below to see some of his humor in action.

Had a funny video here with legendary coach Bobby Knight, but YouTube kept removing it...

Humor is relaxing

Humor is relaxing and can help ease a tense situation. What a wonderful thing it is to see someone, when in a tense situation, get everyone relaxed and enjoying themselves. Humor is relaxing in a variety of ways and take note of those people who use humor to help people relax. These are people you want to observe on how to become better and influence people.

I hope you enjoyed this simple section on benefits of humor. Remember, humor comes in many forms :)