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Create Your Legacy

Create Your Legacy Your destiny is the giving of your special talent to the world. Your legacy is how you give that talent. My name is Jeremy Johnson. I am a husband, father, and your guide for drjerm.com. I sit here in my house just a normal guy who has some questions for you to think about.

Are you feeling empty or confused about anything in life? Do you come home from a '9 to 5' job everyday frustrated at the constrictions placed upon you? Perhaps you are tired of having broken relationships in your life. Maybe you are looking for resources on improving yourself. The reality is that many are in this situation. There is a reason that you feel empty. You may even have a stirring inside of you that you're not sure what it is. Creating your legacy is the beginning to overcoming these challenges.

There is a talent within you waiting to be unleashed to the world. The only things holding you back to create your legacy are your own doubt, fear, and being comfortable with your situation. Look at me, I am a website developer during the day for a company I helped start. I get paid a pretty good salary with benefits and I have some ownership in one of the companies I am a part of. You'd think I should be content with this.

No way! I am not content with this. I was not put on this earth to sit and develop applications that people tell me to build. I am creative, talented and smart. My legacy is to share my unique talents with the world however I can. This website is the beginning of doing that. Part of my legacy is assiting people in overcoming their fears, doubts, and frustration in life. Take a look through my website. See the simple steps that you can follow to start turning your life around. I plead with you to take a step back in your life and realize there is much that you can do if you will have a little faith in yourself.

Take time to utilize the many resources this website has to offer. You can create your legacy by making the simple choice to do so. I am your personal guide. At anytime, you may contact me by clicking the Contact Me link on my website and filling out the information. I love hearing from my visitors. You are in control of discovering your destiny and creating your legacy. I thank you for visiting. Come back often and let me know of your successes in life.