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Discover Your Destiny

Discover Your Destiny Discovering your destiny is the realizing of your hidden talents and abilities and those things you have a passion for. You may be asking, how do I discover my destiny? Let me give you some insight and guidance that will help you as you seek to achieve finding your destiny.

Discover your destiny by taking timeout to meditate and examine yourself. This means taking time to get away from the hustle and bustle of life and make time to be by yourself. Once done, seriously examine your inner self. What are you currently doing? Look at your job, if you have one. Look at your education. Where are you at in these important areas?

Discover your destiny by thinking about what you want the most. What do you want the most? Do you want to be a doctor, lawyer, basketball player, scientist, public speaker, politician, baker, programmer, race car driver, golfer, accountant? Somewhere inside of you, you can find exactly what it is you want to do. For me, this is making websites, creating computer/video games, and helping others in their journey of life. This is your passion.

Discover your destiny by examining what you are good at. We are all good at something. For me, this is typing (I can get to 130 words per minute accurately), playing basketball, running, making websites, coming up with random thoughts, computer/video gaming, making others laugh, and helping others improve and better their lives. This is the result of me looking at what I'm good at.

Your destiny is the collection of things you are good at and have a passion for. In some cases, even something you are not good at initially can also become part of your destiny though it will take much more work. For me, this collection of things I'm good at and passionate for involves websites, creating computer/video games, and helping others improve and better themselves. This is my destiny, and what I will create my legacy with. I love to play basketball, but I do not believe my destiny lies within its realm.

Examine your destiny. Take some time and examine your destiny. You may have a knotted feeling in your stomach about your current situation in life. This means that there is something more for you to do. Do not be afraid to move into uncharted territory to achieve what you are passionate for. All it takes is a choice. If you can read, talk, and do something, you are capable of making this choice. Please contact me and let me know how you discovered your destiny!