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Educational Power

Education is Important Educational Power - some love education, some hate it. Chances are if you have not yet completed high school, you grow tired of hearing about it. If you have completed a college education and are reaping the benefits of that education, then your view on it is likely different. My goal here is to show you how proper education can bring you educational power. Power in your life to eliminate guessing. Power in your life to understand and better serve those around you. The power to not be taken advantage of by anyone. True education does not necessarily come from high school or college, although those help.

Educational Power: Speech, grammar, and Reading

Proper speech and grammar will expand your horizon in knowing what is being said, or what is being read. The more words you understand, the more meaning you can get from what is being said by anyone. This leads to a snowball affect. As you understand more words and vocabulary, you can then increase your ability to speak. And as you increase your ability to speak, you will then be able to share your knowledge with other people in a more clear and concise manner. You will gain educational power and be able to pass that education on to others. Let's use an example of some perhaps complex vocabulary here (depending on your vocabulary level):

"I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve." -- Bilbo Baggins (The Fellowship of the Ring by J.R.R. Tolkien)

How many understand what that is really saying? When I was in middle/high school, I had no clue, I just could not figure it out. What it is saying is this: Simple really, but very confusing to one such as myself at a young age whose vocabulary was very weak. As your vocabulary expands, you will see the meaning in even very complex writings.

Educational Power: Education Eliminates Guessing

Education will further eliminate guessing in life. The elimination of guessing is an important thing. Here is why: And much, much more! Continue increasing your education and you will better avoid being blindsided by unexpected and tragic events. Imagine if you knew everything there was to know about building a home. You knew how to check for a good foundation, if the home was sturdy and would last, if there were any potential problems. You would see maybe 10 years down the road that the house you are going to buy is going to crumble because of its weak foundation. Part of educational power is preventative maintenance for not having many of a slew of problems even occur!

Educational Power: The REAL Reason to Get an Education

Get an education to enhance your life and others around you. To further progress your talents and knowledge to better serve others is a very worthwhile cause. Of course a good reason to get an education is to increase your own power. There is nothing wrong with that. But that is not the whole reason. As you build other people up and gain their respect, you are further benefited as you now have influence with others. And the greater your education, the greater the people you have influence with. This can lead to some very worthwhile and world changing endeavors!

What kind of world changing endeavors you ask? How about some of these: There are many others that fit here. All these efforts were the immense and collaborative effort of highly educated people. I believe this is just scratching the surface of what human-kind can accomplish if people become educated and work together.

Educational Power: Myths About Good Grades

Getting good grades alone is not a worthwhile cause. Getting good grades with the proper educational instruction is. This kind of instruction requires educating those who are growing up in elementary, middle, and high school in a way that helps them discover their purpose in life, allowing a broad education, and focusing on the individual talents and interests of the individual. I would have loved to learn about the internet when I was in high school. Or how to make a simple web page. The internet was around back then. But nobody had a clue how to bring that out of me because no teacher knew anything about it!

Getting good grades alone is a flawed system of learning. It says that if someone has a good memory and just puts in hours and hours of work, then that is how you get rewarded in life. Wow, does that just miss the mark or what! It leads people to mindlessly think that being a doctor or a nurse or spending thousands upon thousands of dollars on a profession they think will pay well is what should be done. It causes problems by taking away proper reasoning in people. In some cases, sure, go get a PhD and become a doctor - go for it! But only if it is your passion and where your talents lie. A proper education is a life long learning process that brings one to do what is best for themself and others.

Educational Power: The Problem With Homework

Homework alone is mind numbing, and provides minimal excitement or purpose. Oh the drudgery of doing math problems over and over. You are told that your grade will depend on how many you get right. While I am an advocate of math and how studying it and becoming accomplished at it can help for solving problems, I see no reason for mindless homework, in any area. I believe that the homework given to youngsters is to help teachers be lazy by not focusing individually and discovering the true talents of individuals. Of course this is not the case in all situations. There are some very dedicated teachers out there - I believe the system in general is flawed and old fashioned in many places. I am an advocate of more small group and one on one mentoring.

Educational Power: Online Education

Many resources are available online. Let me rephrase that. There are millions of resources available on the internet that will help increase your education. This website is one! I am dedicated to bringing a simple and plain understanding to recognizing self improvement for youngsters all the way up to the grandma who has a hard time finding the on switch to her computer. I share my knowledge freely to any who will listen.

Not only that, there are many online courses and excerpts available to look at. I encourage the visitation of online websites and the judgment of those viewing the websites to draw their own conclusions about whether the site being visited is worthwhile. I hope you find my site worthwhile and that you will come back often!

Educational Power: Continuing Education

Continuing education is important. Each and every day, learning and understanding new things, or increasing your understanding of existing things will help you understand and predict situations more completely. Continuing education is accomplished by using the best resources out there and also by using your brain. Going to college at a university is a great way to continue your education. But more than that going to the university for the right reason, with the right purpose will further cement the gains received by going. Read the best books available about the subjects you are learning about. Do not be afraid to ask questions.

Don't be afraid to say you don't know when you don't know. In my case, I don't know everything there is about the human condition, physical ailments, nutrition, meditation, and the list goes on. But that doesn't mean I am afraid to learn and speak what I do know. As I continue to learn, I will further update and increase the information and resources available on this website. I am very excited to learn about improving and becoming better and I know it is something in todays world that many people could use in their life.

I hope you enjoyed this section on Educational Power. Our education, and understanding how education is done today will help us become better.