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Get Organized

Get Organized Today Getting organized. You've heard about it. You've thought about it. But getting properly organized is something that is extremely foreign to many people. Sure you have a stack of DVDs sitting on your desk and a few stacks of papers and you write your grocery list on your refrigerator. This is what I would like to call 'ad hoc organizing'. This is organizing things to the whims of the first idea of organizing that pops into your head. What I would like to talk about is deep level organizing in all areas of life. This kind of organization eliminates guessing and unknowns from life.

Deep Level Organizing

Deep level organizing requires you to take some time, sit down, and think. Your goal is to prioritize organizing. This means taking time to figure out how to use your time more efficiently. It means giving up those things which waste too much of your time. For me, this was giving up the game, 'World of Warcraft', which I enjoyed playing. For others it may mean not going out to eat so much, or not going boating every weekend, or not watching television so much. The extra time gained from eliminating wasteful tasks can then be used to organize yourself.

Next, take the time and think about what you would like to organize. Do you have a business idea that you would like to move forward on? A good way to start making things happen is to find out what needs to be done to start a business. This means you have to take the time to figure out the tasks involved. It takes effort!

Once the tasks have been figured out, set aside time during the upcoming weeks/months so that you know you will be working on what is most important to you. The difficulty here comes from the reliance on our leisurely activities that many grow accustomed to. Getting used to going out to eat all the time, watching tv, surfing the net, etc... True deep level organizing requires the giving up of constant leisure time for fitting in organizing yourself.

Organize your Priorities

Organize your priorities means deciding what you want out of life. The self improvement guide will help you figure this out. The guide takes you by the hand and helps you figure yourself out. Once you've figured yourself out, you can then find out your priorities and schedule time in your life to handle those priorities. Some priorities may/should include: There is no going out to eat, buying more cars, being a couch potato, surfing the internet, and whatever else eats up our time but does not bring us back anything. Be honest with yourself and see if you are doing any activities frequently which are not returning money or help to yourself or other people. Such activities should only be done in moderation. There is nothing wrong with watching a little TV or playing on the computer for small periods of time. However, I believe true happiness cannot be achieved with a life of stagnation - a life which does not involve the building up of ourselves or others.

Home Organization

The following is a video by ClosetsByDesign. They are a company that helps in home organization. The following video is a brief segment explaining a little bit about what they do.

Closets By Design - Home Organizing

There are many organizations like this that can help and give tips to organizing your home. I will not go into too much detail about organizing your home, but do want to cover some basics. A common scenario in many homes I have seen is that stuff is piled up everywhere and finding where something is can be a chore. I recommend that only the essentials be kept around the house and that everything that is not needed be stored away or thrown away.

Having an orderly home will promote clearer thinking, greater purpose, and the elimination of guessing. Watch this video from the Tyra Banks show. She has a good example here of someone in desparate need of home organization. And for those of you thinking, "Tyra Banks - what are you thinking man?" - I respond by saying you betcha. If anyone has something useful to say, they are worth listening and hearing to.

Tyra Banks Show - Home Organizing by Star Hansen

For us guys, organizing is not just for women. Pull your thumbs out of your butt and own up to that fact that us guys need to take the time to organize our things just as much as the women folk. Doing so does not mean you should be nominated for 'queer eye for the straight guy'. It does mean that you are taking a step to better yourself.

Work Organization

Work organization is often overlooked. Do you go to work and have a skimpie 13 inch monitor that you have to squint at? Or are you disrupted constantly by being in a noisy area? Work organization is an often over-looked area. Corruption and neglect are actually fairly prevelant. I know this because every job I've worked at has been this way. Even the job I work at during the day has this - and this is a company that I helped create!

You may feel you are not in a position to affect the organization where you work. If you feel this way, please go through the self help guide and become empowered to eliminate your pessemistic thinking. The following are ways work organization can and should be increased. These are just a few simple things that a company can do to improve organization. Most people spend a great deal of time during the day at the company they work for. Eliminating wasteful time, confusion, and chaos is not just good for you as an employee, but good for the company as a whole because more quality work gets done in less time.

Healthy Organization

Healthy organization means taking the time to make sure our bodies and the spaces we reside in promote happiness, growth, and positive stimulation. If you have pizza and breadsticks by you constantly and that is what you are eating, just think of how healthy you will NOT feel. Take the time to eat properly, such as green foods (beans, broccoli, and salads), protein (almonds), salmon, and fruits. Foods like this while not tasting as good as a chocolate sunday, still taste ok, and will make you feel great overall as time goes on. Take time to think about being healthy.

Taking time for exercise will happen when your life is sufficiently organized that you know what you are doing every day. You can then say, "I am going to exercise from 7 am to 8 am every day because I don't have anything going on then." But it's never that simple. You must take the steps to come full circle by applying all aspects of this website in improving yourself. With a new picture of who you are, taking time to organize will not be a burden, but a joy!

I hope you enjoyed this simple excerpt on getting organized. Remember to take time and effort to prioritize the right things in your life.