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Planning by the Day, Week, Month, Year, and Life

How to Plan Listed below is a simple instructional guide on the way you should plan. By breaking down your planning into days, weeks, months, years, and finally for your whole life, you will see the direction that your life gains and the success you will begin to have. There will be no more guessing. There will be no more saying, "Hey, what am I going to do today?" or "Hey, what do you want to do today?" You will take charge of your life!

Plan by the Day

The best time to plan for tommorow is not the morning of tommorow. It is the day before. Simply take 15 minutes and sit down, undisturbed. Later at night perhaps if you have kids and they are all in bed. Then jot down what it is you hope to accomplish tommorow. For many your '9 to 5' job will be part of it. What about getting up a little earlier than usual, like 6:00 AM. Think of the hour or two in the morning that you might be able to give yourself and make time for your legacy. This is what you were born to do, not paid to do.

Plan by the Week

Planning by the week works best for me on a Sunday night. Usually a half hour or so of planning is all it takes. Simply jot down your plans for the upcoming week and what you will accomplish. You don't have to have any major things to accomplish, just a few small and simple things that you will make progress with. Then, each day of the week, plan time to accomplish the small things you are deciding to accomplish for the week.

Plan by the Month

Planning by the month takes a bit more time and is best done just before the month ends. Think of the tasks and projects you can do that will bring you closer to creating your legacy. A lot can be accomplish in a month. Have a vision of what you will be able to accomplish and think of all the tasks necessary to accomplish it. Those tasks will need to be organized in your weekly and daily planning sessions. Can you see the pattern here? This is a method of planning that eliminates guessing and maps things out.

Plan by the Year

Planning by the year - when a year is coming to a close, it is good to reflect on what was done. How close did you come to achieving your legacy? A year is such a long time. Take time to read the resources on this website, all of them. They will help you find what your legacy is. This is something within you that you know you can and should do. It is not your '9 to 5' job. Spend the end of the year further pursuing what your legacy is. In the coming months, weeks, and days of the new year, carefully outline the individual tasks that must be done to get there. You can do it!

Plan for Your Life

Planning for your life is done constantly. As you are doing anything, and I mean anything at all, observe how things are going. Look at those around you. You will know if you are headed in the right direction by the feeling you get inside about what you are doing. Is your gut tied in a knot every day? Chances are you need to revisit what your purpose in life is. Think, meditate, and be flexible to change. By staying in tune with your life and where it is going, you will be able to make and plan for the changes that will occur.

Thank you for reading this simple step by step guide for planning. Take the time to organize your life by planning and you will be surprised at your success.