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Give Service

Give Service Giving service is one of the most rewarding things you can do in your life. But before you can give service, you must figure out what exactly giving service is and why you should do it. Giving service is doing anything that is beneficial or helpful to someone without seeking anything in return. The irony with this statement is that you will indeed get something in return when you do service... but more on that later. Now knowing what service is, let's take a deeper look into it and see why it's worth doing.

Service Promotes Good Feelings

Doing service requires effort, time, and energy. So how does giving service promote good feelings? One way to find out for yourself is to decide to do something for someone without telling them that you are going to do it. If you are married, do the dishes or give your spouse an unexpected gift. Regardless of who you are, find something simple to do for someone and do it. You will be surprised at how grateful people are for simple acts of kindness.

My twin brother and I, many years ago around the year 2000, had just gotten done picking up a bite to eat at Wendy's. As we were leaving, we saw that a couple was having a hard time getting their truck started. We decided to help the husband who was pushing the back of the truck by pushing with him. The extra pushing helped jump start the truck and they were on their way. They both thanked us many times. I don't know if that couple remembers what we did, but I do. And it felt great to assist someone else in their life.

Giving service is like watering plants. Give them water and watch them grow and blossom. Give people just a little bit of extra help in their life through simple acts of kindness and watch how much more they will shine in life. Yes it takes effort to give care to plants as it does other people, but it's not so much effort that you will faint from exhaustion from telling someone they look nice. It really isn't that hard. The hardest part is the mental blocks you may be creating for yourself that prevent you from taking the step to give service.

Service Helps Boost Self Esteem

Giving service boosts the self esteem of yourself and the people you are helping. Give someone a reward for doing a good job and watch how much more confident they start to get when they have to do their next task. Tell someone they look sharp, and it will resonate within them. Ever been told you did a good job, or you look nice, or that you are important? I am sure that being told this makes you feel good. It should help boost your already booming self esteem.

For me, giving service boosts my self esteem because I see that I can truly have a positive impact on other people. Doing this website is an act of service. At the time of writing this, I have been working on this website for about two weeks, and spent about 40 hours on it. That's a lot of time for two weeks. But I know that what I am doing will benefit at least a few people. I hope what I am doing will benefit many people. I seek to inspire, uplift, and help people qualify themselves and overcome their fears. When I see people who do this, I feel great and know that I am doing a good thing. I also know that I am using my gifts to help people.

At the time of writing this, my wife next to me working hard is having an upset stomach. I volunteered to run upstairs and get her two TUMS tablets to help her upset stomach. I did this without hesitation. Make your brain and self available to perform acts of kindness and the opportunities will present themselves. My wife is thankful to me and doesn't know that I am writing about this right now, but she will read it sometime I'm sure. If so, heya Heidi and I love you :).

Service Helps Contribute

Most everyone is part of a marriage, family, or some kind of organization. The importance of service our spouse, family members, and the people we work with has a huge impact. By serving those around you, you will build them up and increase their capacity in regards to self esteem, their ability to serve other people, and the overall mood they are in. It is important not to neglect those around in the same way that denying a plant water can kill it. You can literally starve others of any emotion for you by neglecting them for lengthy periods of time. In retrospect, constantly build and assist them and their loyalty and love for you will be unmatched.

Serving done right is similar to the movie 'Pay it Forward'. This is a movie about a young boy that has an idea to have people help others and to hope for a chain reaction of people helping each other. The following is a trailer made that tells about the movie.

If you have not seen the movie, and do not want to be spoiled, don't watch these clips.

Pay it Forward - Movie Summary

Receiving Service Back

I mentioned that you will indeed get something for doing service, and one thing that you will likely get is service in return for what you do. As of 2008, our next door neighbors, Curtis and Crystal have served us with very little effort on our part. Perhaps they are good neighbors - but they understand the value of service. They have mowed our grass, helped fix broken sprinklers, shoveled our driveway when it's snowed, and helped with a variety of other things, including our mortgage loan for our house.

Service Can Help You Make Friends

Giving service will increase your influence with others. Your helpfulness will not go un-noticed and as you help people - you will gain their trust and influence. This is important because down the road, something may happen where you require the help of another person. Having done service in the past, you can likely count on those whom you have been assisting in life to come to your aid when you need it.

Anyone Can Do Service

Anyone can do service. On Christmas 2007, my wife and our two neices (Madison - 6 years old and Katelyn - 4 years old) went and delivered cookies to neighbors around our block where we live. They left them on the doorstep anonymously, and the enjoyed doing it. No doubt when the neighbors opened their door and saw some yummy cookies that this helped brighten the day. No matter the age, everyone can give service. From the toddler to the aging grandmother/grandfather, simple acts of kindness and service help bring people closer together.

Anonymous Service is Rewarding

Anonymous service is rewarding. In areas where it is a tradition to give gifts to neighbors at Christmas time, it is fun to send and receive gifts. There is a good feeling to receiving a gift from someone where you know the gesture is genuine. Bake some yummy chocolate chip cookies and make plates to take around to your neighbors anonymously. The joy of doing this and the likely happiness and surprise from your neighbors will radiate and begin to spread.

I hope you enjoyed this discussion about giving service. Giving service affects us and others in profound ways.