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Learn From Mistakes

Learn From Mistakes Learn from your mistakes. This is probably one of the most difficult things to do. Normally when a mistake is made, the natural reaction is to pout over it or get frustrated because of it. Rarely is time taken to sit back, analyze, and learn from the mistake. Doing this requires a good amount of effort and setting time aside to spend analyzing and contemplating. The focus of this page will be finding out what common mistakes are, how mistakes can be prevented, how mistakes can be learned from, and finally, how mistakes can be turned into positives.

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Common Mistakes

Mistakes are a part of every day life whether or not you can admit it to yourself or not. I could go on and on about the kinds of mistakes that can be made, or philosophical reasoning behind mistakes, or even various religious views on mistakes. But I don't want to do that. I don't want you or me falling asleep dealing with all that nonsense. To become better and improve, you must know what common mistakes are so that you can prepare for times when they may come. Here are some common mistakes that likely apply to you in some manner.
This is a short list of a much longer list of common mistakes humans make in life. Perhaps in your life you've done one or more of these mistakes and maybe you've done one or more of them a lot. That is ok, I am not here to judge anyone. I've made my fair share of mistakes. It must be understood that nobody is perfect. This means looking at yourself and being able to forgive yourself for mistakes. It also means being able to look at other people and being forgiving of them.

How to Prevent Mistakes

Preventing mistakes 100% of the time is at the very least, close to impossible. However, we can prevent mistakes a high percentage of the time, even if it isn't 100%. The way to do this is to simply, think before you act. That's right, think before you act. When you wake up in the morning, don't frantically go to the kitchen and dump a bowl of cereal and start scarffing down those honey nut cheerios. Wake up and think. Find your clothes, brush your teeth, get cleaned up, take your vitamin, tell your spouse you love them, pet your cat/dog, feed your gold fish, or meditate. Think carefully about what to do. Whatever situation you are in, focus your mind on what it is you are doing. Here are some simple steps to preventing mistakes.

Focus Clearly

Many a mistake comes from a lack of focus. You may be driving and downing a big mac and fries while changing the radio station and adjusting the volume and telling your kids to be quiet and trying to find another cd to put in while adjusting your mirrors and checking yourself out and scratching that itch on your leg. Phew! With so many distractions available, I am amazed that driving is as safe as it is today. The main idea behind focusing is to maintain a constant thought process related to the task at hand. If you are driving, keep your head straight and focused. Look to the sides when you need to change lanes. Look ahead for potential problems, and recognize the need to adjust your driving.
Not just in driving though, in anything, you should keep a clear picture in your mind of the task at hand. Look ahead at any potential obstacles and adapt as needed. Don't be afraid to step back and adjust to the situation if needed. Maintaining focus requres intense concentration. Eliminate those distractions which take away from what you are trying to achieve. This means turn off your cell phone, exit out of your messenger chat windows, and turn the tv off. True focus is more easily obtained through an environment that is condusive to what it is you are trying to accomplish.

Write Things Down

I've past my 30th birthday, what a wonderful time. It also means that I am getting older. Though I feel young and full of energy, I know that I must keep writing things down or they will be easily lost in the maze that is my brain. Using planners or notebooks to make constant reminders is the sign of a well organized person and someone who does not want to make the mistake of forgetting.

Get Other People's Perspective

I have a twin brother, Jeffrey, who is a genius when it comes to programming and development. I have had my fair share of experience and consider myself to be pretty darn good at it. However, I constantly consult with my twin brother as he is in another league when it comes to it. He's been doing it non stop since he was eight years old. He helps me see things that I could not otherwise see and helps prevent problems down the road with his vision and foresight. Take the time to ask those whom you know are knowledgeable about what it is you are doing. Get many insights and opinions and you will broaden the chance of success and lessen the chance of an unexpected occurance.

Move Forward With Courage and Confidence

Once you are focusing, writing things down, and getting the perspective of others, it is time to have confidence and take charge in what you are doing. This means you do not second guess yourself. It means that you are doing all you can to succeed and therefore you should not have any fear about what is going on. If mistakes happen or things go awry, be ready to realize it, correct it, and move forward. Nobody should ever feel ashamed of something going wrong after putting in all the right effort into something.

Learning From Mistakes

Learn from your mistakes by analyzing what situation you were in when the mistake happened. Maybe you were tired, distracted, or not giving it your best. Whatever the reason, be willing to do what it takes to eliminate those things which caused the mistake. Look at other people's mistakes. Find out what went wrong for them and correct it for yourself.

Turn Mistakes Into Positives

The beauty of mistakes and failing is that you will gain the knowledge of how not to do something. This is crucial knowledge. Not only that, anytime you do anything you learn. Over time and with the correct effort, the odds of success dramatically increase as experience and knowledge eliminate guessing and unknown circumstances. I believe that more is learned from our mistakes and failures than could ever be learned from what is deemed as a success.
I hope you enjoyed this section on learning from mistakes. Accept that you will make mistakes and make a positive situation from them.