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You Can Do It

As I thought about what to write for this page, I decided that writing a poem to describe how each of us can make a difference and put forth valuable effort in this life came to mind. Below are my thoughts regarding each of us and our ability to make things happen.

"You Can Do It" by Jeremy N. Johnson (4/7/2008)
	You can do it.	Yes you and only you.
	You decide your fate, you decide your destiny.
	No one can do it for you, you are your own author.
	You control your life and what follows.

	You can do it.  Believe that you can.
	Your drive and dedication will triumph.
	Your courage and creativity will shine.
	Do not fear, you must at least try.

	You can do it.  You are talented and smart.
	Decide for yourself what to do this day.
	You are unique, no one can ever be you.
	Bring out the best inside of you, stand out.

	You can do it.  No doubt will overcome you.
	Even at the end of the road, you continue on.
	Life begs for you talents, wishes for your help.
	Your mark on this world will be forever felt.

	You can do it.  Even when severe storms come.
	Setbacks, failure, and hardship beat on your door.
	Beat them back, your determination never waning.
	Shout, "I am special, unique, and forever eternal".