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Review: The Alchemist (by Paul Coelho)

Yeas: A very interesting and different look at what we can achieve in our lives.
Nays: Can get a little scattered at times and the ending was a bit odd.

This was one of the more intruiging books I've read in a long time. It is about the journey of a young shepherd boy as he seeks to discover his personal legacy and find the ancient pyramids in Egypt. Along the way, the boy finds opportunities and obstacles. Many signs and omens give direction to his path.

I liked how the book gave a different approach to showing the things we are capable of by telling the story through a humble shepherd boy. The parallels in each of our lives that the author puts the young boy through are very interesting. The Alchemist is a very good read if you are into deep thinking and seeking to understand the mysteries and oppotunities in life.

The book was hard to follow in a few cases and the ending was a little odd to me. I won't give it away so as to spoil The Alchemist, but these were my only two gripes for the book and they aren't that big a deal.

All in all, get this book if you are interested in seeing another perspective about what we can accomplish in life if we will have faith, stick to what we know deep inside we should be doing, and follow the omens (signals) that life gives us.

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