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Review: The Rock Says (with Joe Layden)

Yeas: Very detailed and interesting information on The Rock given, that I could not find anywhere else.
Nays: Towards the end, switches between wrestling and his life a little too much.
I purchased this book from Amazon.com for only a few dollars. And it was well worth the purchase. At the time of this review, I am still on my quest to meet The Rock, Dwayne Johnson, and this book had a great deal of information about him that I could not find online.

I really enjoyed reading about The Rock's early childhood and some of the things he experienced. I like that he talks about everything straight and to the point. He doesn't try and sugar coat what he is saying, he is very upfront. You get a bird's eye view of his younger years, where he had to deal with a bully while he was younger all the way to his days playing football at the University of Miami, Florida. You learn that The Rock faced many setbacks and challenges even before he started thinking about professional wrestling.

I also like that The Rock is candid about the struggles he went through. He was broke for many years, scrounging garbage dumps for mattresses to sleep on while trying to make it in professional football. He faced two severe injuries while playing football at the University of Miami, Florida. Eventually, The Rock came to the realization that wrestling was becoming his passion and what he wanted to do (and other things were just not working out). You learn a great deal about his wrestling career and inside information that is not well known concerning other wrestlers he has much admiration and respect for.

I tried to find something wrong with the book and if I had to say it, the end switches back and forth between The Rock describing his matches as The Rock and going back to his life. I would have preferred to just have an entire segment on his wrestling, without the switching back and forth, but this is a minor thing, like a scratch from a gnat. All in all, this book was very informative. For someone who is looking to see how someone went from being broke, to one of the most well known wrestlers of all time, give this book a read, you will not be dissapointed.

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