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Review: What to Say When you Talk To Yourself (by Shad Helmstetter)

Yeas: Easy to understand, clear and concise. A new refreshing look at ourselves.
Nays: Sometimes goes off too far in the deep end.
I was referred to check this book out by a friend of mine that I play basketball with. One day after we got done playing, he started talking to me about the things we each say to ourselves and asked me what I did when I missed several shots in a row. I told him that I cursed at myself and got frustrated at my lack of competence. He said that was what he did as well, but then he read a book that helped him see things in a much different light. This was the book that he mentioned. So I went and got the book and decided to give it a read.

One thing right off the bat from the book was it started and explained the way we functioned in simple terms, that we were the product of the individual programming we receive in our lives. The author about the way in which we think, are told to think, are talked to, and the way we speak to ourselves determines what worth we have individually. I was pleasently surprised at the view point given by the author as I had never before in my life heard that talking to yourself positively was an important thing to do in life and that the way we were treated growing up was a factor in what each of us is today.

The only thing I would note for readers of this book is that in a few spots, the author goes a little too far beyond self talk and into the realm of spirituality and transcendence. There is nothing wrong with this of course, but for purposes of focusing on just self talk, the author could have sticked to the subject. Still, this is only a minor thing and not really that much of an inconvenience.

I highly recommend picking this book up and being open minded to painting a new picture of yourself through positive self talk. It continues to aid me and others I know and I believe there is something to the worth each person has for themselves and how we treat ourselves through our thoughts and speech.

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