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3. Build Yourself Up

Knowing your purpose in life and having belief in yourself will give you an advantage in life that few have. But even at this point, there is much work to do. you must then deal with the pre-existing conditions that are in all of us. The majority of us have been poisoned over time by a constant barrage of negative talk from others, and more frequently, from ourselves. The removal of this poison will take time, hard work, and dedication.

Realizing Negativity and Problems

The very first thing that needs to be done here is to take a good hard look at yourself in the mirror. This means literally to find a mirror and take a good hard look at yourself for a good while. Don't just do it for a few seconds. Take a notepad to write with while you are looking in the mirror. If you do it right, you may be thinking/writing some of the following things: Let's stop right there, those are enough negative thoughts to sink a battleship. However, from my experience, these types of thoughts are what rule our minds in a lot of situations. And the way to deal with this is to realistically deal with every negative aspect of your life by first admitting what they are to yourself. If you believe you are shy, recognize it. If you think you have a bad memory, recognize it. If you think you drink too much Mountain Dew, recognize it. Make a list of every negative aspect of your life, ranging from everything that has happened since you were young to this very day.

Confront Yourself

Armed with the knowledge of all the things that are preventing you from building yourself up, you now can start arming yourself with the tools to build yourself up. The wonderful thing about building yourself up is that the tools used do not cost anything. They are simple and easy to use. However, they require action, planning, and dedication to use. With these tools, you will now wage war and bury everything in your life that is not building you up!

The Banner of Optimism

Be Optimistic

Armed with this flag, you see the good in all situations. Many years ago, when I was about 18, I was playing basketball at a health center I was a member of. I was going for the basketball and accidently hit someone in the face. Our team got the ball and I ran down the court thinking nothing of it as in basketball, things like that happen periodically and normally you just play through it. However, I did not see the guy I hit coming from the side and winding up and punching me square on the jaw. I was stunned a little bit, and some friends of mine there chased him out of the gym. Minutes later, as we are outside dealing with the situation, the guy apologized to me. I told him not to worry about it and decided to not show any anger towards him.

I believe and hope that by showing a gentle nature that this guys temper has been soothed and that he is living a better life. I don't know for sure, however, had I not had an optimistic approach, I would have retaliated after he hit me and caused a brawl that would have been ugly. There was no need to do that. Even in the ugliest of situations, optimism can be found and used. Armed with the banner of optimism, you will have good judgment, even in the most tense and dire of situations.

The Glasses of Reality

Realize Truth

Armed with these glasses, you also are able to recognize the reality in situations. You are able to see the intentions of other people and even though you maintain a good sense of optimism with the banner of optimism, you also can see what is real and prevent those who would deceive or do harm from doing so. You see people's true nature and character. You seek to bring out the good in people, but also maintain a balance of keeping those in check who would do harm to other people.

You also are able to cope with the negative aspects of your life and constantly refine them while still being optimistic. For myself, I know I have many things to work on. I could be more patient, more compassionate, less judgmental, as a few examples. Even though I know I have these issues, I also know that I do a great job overall and I am striving to improve each day, so I can accept my weaknesses.

The Cap of Wisdom

Become Wise

Armed with this cap, you have the wisdom needed to understand yourself, others, situations around you, and the world you live in. Wisdom is increased as proactive learning is done. Education, online research, intelligent discussion, meditation, and uplifing music are a few of the things which strengthen your wisdom. If you have access to the internet, you have the ability to gain much wisdom.

As your wisdom increases, you will gain understanding and knowledge that will enable you to see many of the things from your past and things now happening from a much different view point. You will become much more forgiving of others and will seek to build up those around you. You will see the benefit of building up people and the chain reaction of good it will cause as their lives improve and the people they are in contact with see the improvement.

The bottom line is, seek to improve your knowledge and understanding in all things. With the internet at your fingertips and search engines like google available to you, and websites like Wikipedia.org to search, many things can be learned and figured out. Couple this with seeking to understand yourself and other people and the cap of wisdom will be fulfilling its purpose to the highest extent. I recommend reading further about using wisdom once you are done going through this guide.

The Chest Piece of Health

Stay Healthy

Armed with this chest piece, you will begin to realize the importance of mental, physical, and spiritual health. The three of these combined and utilized to their full extent will help boost your life in ways that are incomprehensible to the average human. Let me briefly explain what these three areas entail.

Mental Health

Our wisdom is a supplemental bonus to your mental health. Your mental health ultimately stems from the thoughts you put in your head, and the material you subject yourself to - this includes such material as TV, food, and beverages. To begin with, you should not be watching much TV at all unless you are a movie critic of some sort. TV addicts will fight me on this as they just love to spend hours watching their favorite shows :). When you watch TV, if you do not subject yourself to uplifting, inspiring, and thought provoking things, or anything that is of a positive benefit, you are instead poisoning yourself. If you watch gambling, drugs, lies, deceit, and violence in large quantities, your brain will begin to consider those a normal part of life. What a danger this is!

Believe it or not, your mental health is affected by everything taken in as life passes along each day. Your mind become attuned to those things being done the most. Instead, why not watch TV that inspires, uplifts, and has positive humor. Your mental health suffers when you are addicted to harmful television, unhealthy foods, or addicting beverages.

Physical Health

Our physical health stems from the picture each of us paints of ourselves, and the actions taken each day that positively or negativly impact your physical health. Is exercising and keeping your body in good condition done? Is being parked in front of the TV all the time and wasting away a normal routine?

If you constantly eat burgers, fries, potato chips, and doughnuts, the effects those have on you are staggering! You become addicted, feel sick, become bloated, you may start to twitch, and have other unpleasent things happen to you. They may taste good at the time of eating. But use your senses. See the instant gratification that is happening and realize that the quick and easy effect will wear off and down the road provide unpleasent results.

Stay away from frequent consumption of soda, coffee, alcoholic beverages, and other drinks which cause you to feel the need to have them frequently. I've seen people buying several cases of Mountain Dew so they can have their fix for the week. This should be a warning to you that you are too dependent!

Eat food such as carrots, almonds, black beans, lean beef, salmon, and regular oatmeal (as just a few examples). Sure they don't taste as good upfront, but they are not grose. And down the road you will feel much better. Drink water and healthy energy drinks and shakes. Take vitamins.

No matter what current level of physical health you have, you can make the change to do better. It does not take money to decide not to eat french fries. It does not take money to decide to get out of the house every once in a while. The main thing is to change the things that are negatively affecting your physical health and start doing those things which will positively affect your health. More detail can be found on how to stay healthy after you are done going through this guide.

The Boots of Persistence

Persistence and Determination

With these boots, you are determined beyond measure. You know that sometimes you will fail, but you always pick your feet up again and move forward with a renewed effort and with determination. Your persistence is legendary. When your life is coming to a close, you will look back and smile and know that you gave life you very best and will have no regrets.

In your life, there may be times when the winds blow a little bit harder, or the storm hits just a little bit harder. Your persistence and determination will help you weather the storm and come out even stronger. No matter what comes your way, you will overcome it, grow, and learn.

The Trident of Transcendence


Armed with this Trident, you begin to expand your sphere of knowledge and influence. You begin to see past petty squabbles and truly see that your potential is far more than you could have ever imagined. You are able to break down barriers that perhaps once hindered you and prevented you from doing certain things. Race, religious background, and political party become irrelevant to you when meeting other people. You are transcending yourself and becoming much more than you are.

Your transcendence is only beginning. After this tutorial, I recommend reading about transcending yourself, and furthering your ability to transcend yourself and become more than you are.

You now have the tools necessary to build yourself up. Armed with them, there is no stopping you. The world better be ready, as you now have the ability to change the world!

Use Positive Self Talk

An expansive guide to positive self talk is available, however for purposes of this tutorial, I will briefly explain it. Now that you have all the tools to become better, you must constantly build yourself up with positive encouragement and qualification. Use the following to assist youself as you go throughout each day: Keep the negativity out. There is no room for negative thoughts in your mind. Think realistically and optimistically. Once you realize things, it is time to use optimism and persistence to become more than you are. Look forward to the challenge!

Make It Happen Congratulations! You have completed the third phase in self improvement and that is to build yourself up. I would be very interested in hearing what you have found as you build yourself up. You can click the contact me link on the left to tell me.

Continue on to the next phase of your self improvement, make it happen.