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Transcend Yourself

Transcend Yourself Transcending life and yourself will be the focus of this section. Transcendence bears some explanation. Transcendence for the purpose of this website means going beyond what the average human is. This applies to several main areas: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. I will explain transcendence in each of these areas and how you can begin to achieve it in your life. I recommend reading and using all of the resources available on this site in order to see all areas of life and how they will benefit you on your path to self improvement.
Transcendence means going well beyond what a normal human is. Many years ago, I played a computer game called Alpha Centauri. In it, colonists from earth created a space ship and flew to the nearest known star, Alpha Centauri. One of the ways that this game could be won is to arrive at the planet, and achieve a transcendence which propelled human achievement into an intelligence explosion and new state of being.

Physical Transcendence

Physical transcendence is the realization beyond normal physical limitations. So what does this mean exactly? This website talks about various things that can be done to improve. Part of that improvement involves physical fitness, healthy eating, nutritional supplements, meditation, etc... But beyond doing those things well, all the other areas like your emotional stability and confidence you have play a role. When all of these are in tune, I believe that a physical state of feeling great, and being able to accomplish great physical feats will be able to happen. Some of these physical feats may include the following. I believe that by disciplining yourself and maintaining high standards of living through exercise, proper eating, nutrition, and all the other positive areas of life, that these physical abilities will be able to be tapped into. I have no doubt that the average life expectency that is now normal could easily have 50 years added to it, were everyone tapped into the potential and abilities that humans really are capable of.

If you really wanted to get deep about physical transcendence, look at movies such as X-Men, Spiderman, and Dare Devil. In these movies, there are people and mutants with physical abilities beyond what is normal for humans. I leave it up to the reader here to draw their own conclusions, but think hard about physically what humans really could be capable of when doing everything possible to improve and become better.

Mental Transcendence

Think for a moment about everything you know (or should I say think you know). How much of what you know is correct? How much of what you know is not correct? How much of what you know that is correct is measured against all possible situations? Generally it is measured against what you believe and what you have experienced. In this way, mental capacity is limited and hindered because you only have one perspective and view on the way things are. I have no doubt that every person believes they know something that is really not true and that every person doubts something that is in reality very true.

Think for a moment if the combined human race was able to instantly collaborate and share what was known with each other in some spectacular way. And every person was open minded and willing to see past their own false pretenses. Just this act alone would open up a realization into things each of us has never even contemplated or thought of. The point here is that our mental capacity is very limited, even with those people who are extremely intelligent, unless each of us starts or continues doing the following. This kind of mental focus also requires solid emotional stability so that your judgment and thoughts are not swayed incorrectly. You should be able to hear many different people think and regardless of who you believe, maintain a neutral state of emotions and then weigh what each person has said and go through a process of coming to conclusions that is independent of emotion. Doing this will allow you to keep a handle on situations where you might otherwise make a bad decision (like an angry soccer mom, or arguing with a sports referee, or getting into a fight at school).

When mental transcendence is achieved, a serious realization of how insignificant each of us are in comparison to the universe begins. You will figure things out for yourself, but part of what should happen is the realization that there is so much more out there to discover and that through increased mental capacity, humans can create solutions, solve problems, and further increase well beyond what there is today.

Emotional Transcendence

People are in different emotional states throughout the world. Some may have diseases severely hampering emotional stability. But in general, people are in one of the following, or something similar, degress of emotional stability. There is a large range of the emotional state you can be in. Generally most people who are growing up have some, well growing up to do. And most people who are grown up are now realizing mistakes of youth and seeking to be better. And of course there are young people mature beyond their years and older people who whine and complain so much that a bottle and diaper change for them is warranted. But emotional transcendence goes well beyond general emotional responses. It is likely that a complete understanding of people can be gained with it. With this comes great control over ones self, as well as the ability to predict that actions of others.

Think carefully, the power that would come with always knowing what someone was going to do in a particular situation. Understanding the emotions of others to this degree allows situations to be predicted, and can help avoid dangerous situations (such as an emotionally unstable person about to commit harmful acts). Unfortunately, this kind of power can be abused, and those able to manipulate other people knowing responses to situations can use this for their own gain. Watch carefully how people react, what they say, what they do, and how they feel in situations. Get a feel for others in this way, and you will better understand why people do the things they do.

True emotional transcendence comes when you are able to predict the actions of others, and realize a wide array of emotions within yourself, yet at the same time being able to recognize and maintain a neutral emotional state, regardless of whether things are going well, or are not going so good.

Spiritual Transcendence

Last, spiritual transcendence is the most complex of all the areas of transcendence. This is because in the world there are so many views on spirituality, and especially religion. Living a way in which spirituality can be harnessed is the first step. After that, continual meditation, thought organizing, and intense focusing of inner will with persistence and determination will propel you towards spiritual transcendence. I know for myself that I have a long way to go to reach this level. At the same time, I recognize that it can be achieved and is a life long process.

I wish there was more I could say considering spiritual transcendence. I would read about spiritual guidance and then look over this page. Discover your spirituality from within - it cannot be told or forced. When you realize that your potential is unlimited and start doing the necessary things to improve yourself that this website outlines, you will have begun the journey to spiritual transcendence.

Thanks for reading about transcending yourself and this life. As humans, we have only seen the surface of what we really can become through dedication and improvement.