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Stay Healthy

Stay Healthy There are several key areas in which staying healthy will be of benefit. This is our physical, mental, and emotional health. The main focus of this page will be giving simple instruction. Then I will give some examples of healthy people so we can see it in practice! Ready then? Let's begin.
I recommend reading the page on transcending yourself for further detail regarding physical and mental health.

Emotional Health

Take the necessary steps to maintain and improve on your emotional health. These steps include and are not limited to the following.

Mental Health

Manage your mental health by doing the following below.

Physical Health

Keep your body in shape by making the following a part of your life.

Examples of Healthy People

The Rock

I've made mention of The Rock in several spots on my website. But the reality is, he is someone who has tremendous mental, emotional, and physical health. He's in great shape, he is very adept at speaking in front of people, and he is very smart. Want to influence other people? Just adopt the parts of The Rock that make him so interesting. Get yourself in shape, get confident, study and become smart. Use your charisma!

Dwayne Johnson "The Rock" - interviews, sharing some brief insights

Steve Nash

A tremendous NBA basketball player who stays in great shape, rarely argues with officials, and loves to pass the basketball. I love the example that Steve Nash is. He is unselfish, loves to involve his team, and is in great shape. He is always constantly running around trying to make a good play.

Steve Nash - talented, healthy, and loves to share the basketball

Nick Vujicic

A man, born without limbs, but healthy in every way. This man is truly an inspiration. I've broken my pinkie finger on my left hand (a while ago) and I was so upset about that happening. This man is truly humbling to listen to. What a great example of someone who is extremely well rounded and should be looked at as someone to follow for all areas of life.

Nick Vujicic - an amazing man in all areas

I hope you enjoyed this page as much as I enjoyed making it. Staying healthy and looking at the examples of others who stay healthy will keep you good!