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Wayne W. Dyer

Wayne W Dyer Wayne W. Dyer is a well known self help and motivational speaker and writier. For many years, his devotion to helping others through principals of happiness, success, and harmony, have helped people throughout the world find better meaning to life.

What Wayne W. Dyer Does


Wayne W. Dyer is inspiring. He has written many books, and done many motivational and informative public appearances. He spends his life helping others and I am sure that he makes more than enough money from it to support himself easily. He started off his career in academics. Later on, he realized his ability to influence people for better and quit his teaching job to pursue public speaking.

The Legacy of Wayne W. Dyer

I first saw Wayne W. Dyer on television while surfing through channels. I could immediately tell that he was passionate about helping other people get more out of life. This struck me because I am also interested in helping other people get more out of life. His success and dedication are a boost for me and he is where I would like to be when I am his age. He is making a name for himself and in a position to influence a multitude of people for the better.

Wayne W. Dyer is leaving his legacy in the world. He has written many books and appeared on many television shows, including 'The Tonight Show', 'Ellen', 'Oprah', and 'Phil Donahue'. When his life is over, his legacy will be long lasting through the many lives he has touched, and the many resources (books and videos) he has left behind.

Wayne W. Dyer talks about the power of our thoughts, and the energy behind them.